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Gone in 60 Seconds, a quick One-Eighty.

So did that stunning beauty just leave your ass like a Shelby GT500? Was she “Gone in 60 Seconds”? Has Eleanor (aka the beautiful woman) slipped from your grips again?  Any solid driver knows you need a good 180 – a good 180 seconds, that is. Yes, we’re talking pure time here, fellas. It’s true; you only have about 3 minutes before a woman decides if she likes you or not.  And we are referring to the VERY FIRST interaction you have with her. This article will give you some basic Nuts n’ Bolts you’ll need to cover before she hits “Go Baby Go” and leaves you in the dust.


Over and over again I have watched men fail with women because they don’t understand the first key principles of “meeting women”.  The first principle is, understanding how important those first short one hundred and eight seconds are.

Let’s put the pedal to the metal and get right to it…



Body language

Studies have shown that body language is summed up in 1/24 of a second…see how short this 180 seconds is? Yipes! So she starts to analyze your structure in less than one second.  So this can only bring us to one conclusion, Be Ready! If you know you’re about to enter a room with women simply be ready. There are many aspects to body language because there are many parts of the body.  Here is one free body language tip you can take to the bank…


Standing straight up is good for your body and it shows vitality.  Simply stand straight up when entering the room. There is no need to overdo it…don’t look stretched out like a giraffe.  Make sure you are comfortably standing tall otherwise Eleanor may sense your “uncomforableness”. Don’t forget women are intuitive so relax and stand tall.  We’re done here.







This can be one of the hardest things to get and it’s important you keep your hands on the wheel. Giving out attention to a woman right off the bat can be a huge mistake at the starting line.  And what do I mean when I say attention?  Any kind at all!  Don’t even look at her, at first. What one you ask? The one your eyes want to look at the most (most likely the one you think is the most attractive), the beauty, Eleanor.  So what do we need to do?  Give attention on your terms.


TIP: Attention at the right time

Ladies always look at what just came through the door.  And if you’re following tip number one you will be relaxed and standing tall, kudos!  She knows you’re comfortable and confident with yourself.  Giving out attention at the right time is key and it takes a little calibration.  Wait a few minutes before you give her eye contact.  At first eye contact with her wait about 3 seconds and then give a smile.  It’s important to be relaxed…make sure to “look away” last, it shows you are not scared of her. If you are in a situation where you are going to have to break eye contact do it slowly and adding a smile doest hurt.  Ladies want to see your smile!  So again, be Ready!



Road FLARE!  (Side note)

I’ll be the first to admit when I see an attractive woman it can be very hard not to look. The simple reason for this is we are part animal, just like her.  The engineers back in lab did some testing and have found out that men are pretty quick also.  Men are quick to decide if they will mate with another woman (kinda). This is astonishing; at only 1/7 of a second the male human has decided if the woman is “do-able”.  In a more analytical sense the male human has recognized if the female he is looking at will be acceptable for having children.   And this is measured by the hip to waste ratio of a woman. The primal brain in the man recognizes this almost instantly (seven tenths of a second).  The very first few seconds of meeting a sexually attractive woman can be challenging at times, for the simple fact your primal senses are nearly forcing your eyes to look at her. Can you hear her voice? “That pervert was just looking me up and down”.  Keep your eyes on the road, be ready!







Put on some Pipes

Talking loud enough for a woman to hear you clearly is very important.  More studies show that men who speak with proper volume attract more women.  Speaking loud and clear is a proven alpha male characteristic.


Tip:  Practice

You can do this in the car or in front of the mirror if you like.  A great place to try is out is in a drive-thru (should we even be there).  Just practice talking loudly and clearly. Your voice might take a few times to get adjusted to it.  And use basic common sense calibration (don’t yell at the dinner table).



As you can see we have only made it into just the first few moments of this 180 second ordeal.  We can clearly see the first 20 seconds alone are extremely important.  So, stand tall but be relaxed.  Give attention (first eye contact) on your terms, look away last. Speak loud and clear like you got a pair but don’t over-do it.  I hope you enjoyed part 1 of “Gone in 60 Seconds”.  Be on the lookout for part 2 next week, we’ll have some more tips on keeping Eleanor in the race.

Last Word:

I wrote this article with the intention of helping you understand how important the first few moments are. We’ll get into the rest next week. For now make some notes of what you learned and how you can implement this new information to help you have more confidence as a man.

Leave your questions and comments below so we can cover them in part 2!


Jonathan Snowhill

P.S. You never have a second chance to make a first impression, period.  Stand tall, be relaxed and comfortable.  Give attention on your terms.  Speak clearly with enough volume to all of the people you interact with including any wait staff that may be in the setting.  There is always the chance she may come talk to you first! So…Be Ready!