2012, You Bail Out Yet?

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C’mon you know what we’re talking about…the New Year’s resolution!  We are now just a few weeks into 2012 and chances are you bailed on your resolution. Or you’re planning your escape by pre-arming yourself with excuses for the peanut gallery.

It’s not your fault…

One of the most common resolutions for a man has something to do with “Getting back in Shape” . And that is what we will be talking about in this article today.  Chances are you’re just too damn busy or the holiday spending has you strapped like T.I. and you just can’t afford the basics to get rollin’.

Flat out basics!

There are 3 diet keys you absolutely to have covered to be a healthy man.


Water, drink a gallon a day at least to keep your body hydrated.  A good gallon of spring water is about a dollar at the grocery store.  Tap water is full of junk so I try not to drink it.  If you like bottled water buy one case of your favorite leading brand. After that, refill your name brand water bottles with your one gallon spring water jugs.  Toss the bottles back in the fridge, done.  Not having your body properly hydrated has unprecedented negative health effects.  And the water in your soda/coffee/tea doesn’t count.  Good, clean water – get some and drink it.


Chances are you don’t have enough daily food variety to take in all of the vitamins and minerals you need.  Your “enriched” cereals or breads won’t cut it.  You need something that stays with you all day. Solution, time released multivitamin.  They stay with you all day and give you a continuous feed of vitamins and minerals.  A quality time-released multi-vitamin should cost you no more that 30 dollars for a month’s supply.  Get a good one, done cheap out at Wally on this purchase.

~ OILS ~

Probably one of the most overlooked is the oil and fat group.  Oils – or EFAs (essential fatty acids) – are needed for a multitude of reasons.  Fish oil (Omega-3 Oil) is a cost effective way to get some of your much needed oils. $10 dollars a month will cover your fish oil.  You can also opt for a high quality multi-omega blend that covers omega 3,6 &9 (probably $20 a month).  I usually take 3 fish oil pills per day (250mg each).



These 3 keys are easy to incorporate!  Get your water intake, hit the health store and snatch up some quality multivitamins, grab your oils while you’re there, done. You got some huge bases cover to keep yourself healthy in 2012.

Last word:

If you haven’t done anything at all for a new-year resolution go ahead and start now.  Tell yourself you deserve to be Hydrated and have the Vitamins n’ Minerals that are needed to keep ya rockin’ for 2012.  Last gold nugget is this, it takes “20 days to make a habit”.  Just commit to doing this for 20 days straight and the rest is easy. You’ll feel much better after a week of proper hydration and nutrients.



Jonathan Snowhill

P.S. If you do anything for yourself at all, drink good clean water.  Most people who have “Low Energy” are probably dehydrated. And don’t be mixing Bunny Foo Foo B.S. in the water to make it taste better. A lemon or lime is all that is allowed. Your body is a hydraulic machine…it needs hydro!