How Drunks Kill the Pickup

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You’ve been there before. You’re out with your friends, you’re dancing and having a good time, and you can’t close. The truth is, you THINK you’re the most phenomenal dancer, you THINK you’re the funniest guy in the room, and you THINK you’re George Clooney. But the truth? You’re probably too drunk to notice you’re acting a fool.

How girls perceive the drunk guy

Now, let me be clear, women love a fun, exciting guy, but they don’t want a blabbering drunk that slobbers all over themselves. When you are intoxicated you convey that you aren’t stable – that you can’t give a woman that sense of security she needs. Believe me, it’s subconscious. On a subconscious level every woman is looking for a man that can provide for her. This doesn’t mean she wants a sugar daddy; it just means she wants a man that can run a household. Have you ever been the DD? Can you remember how annoying it was to be around drunk people? Yes, this is how women feel, too.

How to overcome

This one is tricky, because you have to figure out what kind of drinker you are. Chances are, you’re probably not an alcoholic. If you are, then the sooner you quit altogether the better. However, if you’re just the type of person that tends to drink too much because you think you’re more social, it’s going to be an adjustment. You’re going to be socially awkward your first few times out. Hell, you might be socially awkward your first few MONTHS out. Fear not, you’re going to overcome it at some point. The thing is not to shoot yourself in the foot by reverting back to your old ways. Again, women are scared off by drunks. Believe me, every woman has had a relationship with a drunk that she wants to forget, and any woman that is attracted to a drunk is one that you don’t want to be involved with.

  • When you go out, be sure to surround yourself with the people you are MOST comfortable with. You know, the people you can act like a complete retard around without feeling embarrassed. There’s nothing wrong with acting a fool and catching laughs, but when you’re hammered you amplify this to the point of ostracism.
  • Order a tonic. Nothing sticks out more like a sore thumb than a tall glass of water. Some girls immediately perceive that you’re an alcoholic that can’t drink. If you are an alcoholic, no worries. Just order a tonic. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with being an alcoholic, and women DO NOT mind dating alcoholics in recovery. It’s just something you want to let out of the bag after you get to know them. You’re not misleading them; you’re just not showing all of your cards at once.
  • DO NOT PLAY ON YOUR PHONE! I know you think it’s cool, but it’s not. You think if you’re texting then people will think you’re popular. No, you look anti-social. Unless you’re waiting on a call, don’t check your phone. I would look at my phone no more than once an hour. Strike up a conversation with somebody you have no interest in. You would be surprised what you can learn from people. While you’re talking, be sure to smile a lot. Everybody likes the guy that’s having fun. Nobody wants to talk to the stick in the mud that plays on their phone all night.
  • DO NOT SCAN THE ROOM ALL NIGHT! I had the worst time with this. You want to scan the room and look at all of the beautiful people. I get it, there’s tons of them around. Do it once or twice, then initiate a conversation. If you catch a girl’s eye, it’s a good thing, but go up and talk to her. If you’re looking at her three and four times without saying a word then, well, you’re just creepy

Nobody wants to be around, let alone be with a drunk. Letting loose and having a good time is one thing, but being the drunken idiot everybody shies away from is quite the other. To be sure, if you’re that guy you’re not alone. Practice makes perfect, though. The sooner you can approach women in your normal state, the better quality woman you’re going to attract.

Tommy B