Buy the Damn Chocolate! (Winter Dating Tips)

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It’s about taking action, really. If you just took the advice in the headline your life with women would be much easier. Women like Chocolate. When?  Before the words even come out of their mouths.  And it’s damn wise to have chocolate stashed away when the statement has been made, “I want some Chocolate.”  It’s really one of the most straight-forward, to- the- point phrases that women make. Ok, not ALL women like chocolate, but most of them do.  However, it is essential equipment for the single & confident man.

By the time she has asked for chocolate, she already wants it in her belly.  And if she doesn’t get some soon, it’s no fun for either party. Seriously.


Solution. Buy the damn chocolate! What kind? Well, I did say you needed a “stash”.  Let’s go over the list, this is pretty easy: you need 2 kinds, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. I recommend  you get both kinds in candy form and liquid form.  Any quality candies in milk and dark chocolate will do just fine, I usually opt for candy bars. Ok, so we’re covered on candy.

Make a hot cup of chocolate for my gal on a cold day, write that down. It’s all about timing with the chocolate…more on that shortly.  Any powdered hot chocolate mix will do just fine for your forms of chocolate liquids. Buy one box of milk and one of dark chocolate. Don’t forget to grab some marshmallows, we’re done shopping.  You just pulled this off with twenty bucks. Ok, Operation Chocolate stash, complete.



Give it to me NOW !


That’s exactly what she is going to say (or convey with emotions) when she knows you have possessions to quench her chocolate desires.  Like I said before when she says it (out of her mouth) she already wants to be eating it and enjoying it. Now let’s get to it, when give it to her, the Chocolate that is. ;-)


The key is having the Chocolate ready before letting her know you posses it.  Again, when she asks for it, she already wants to be eating it. Solution, tell her you have it AS you are giving it to her. When she KNOWS you have chocolate it sets her Chocolate Misfits on the loose. Unwrap the candy bar (just open the top) as you are giving it to her. Hand it over and…



Don’t forget, she wants to enjoy it.  Don’t try to spark conversation during her chocolate consumption, she’s getting chocolate wasted; don’t get in the way. Give her a solid 5 minutes with the goods. You’re already a hero.



Make it hot

If you opt for the hot chocolate, make it on the stove.  Heat about a cup of water on the stove and make it hot.  Put your hot water in a blender, ad one packet of Hot Coco mix. Blend for 5 seconds, add small handful of marshmallows, and blend for 10 seconds. You’re about to lock her chocolate misfits in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – trust me.  After you’re done blending the ingredients, pour the mix into a small mug. Done.



Having Chocolate on hand has proven to be valuable.  When she asks for Chocolate, she already wants to be eating it, have your stash ready just in case. Don’t tell her you have chocolate unless it’s in your hands and it’s headed her way. When she is consuming the Chocolate, let her be, you don’t have to leave the room, just give her 5 minutes. She’ll be coming around later if you have completed this properly anyhow.


Final words:

There have been plenty of studies that show the benefits Chocolate has for women.  No need for technical jargon on the chemicals, the stuff works.  Don’t reveal the stash; if she knows where you keep it, it’s over.  Don’t burn her mouth with over-hot chocolate liquids. Go ahead and taste test /  temperature check the Hot Coco before handing it over.

Ladies love guys who give them Chocolate at the right time.


J. Snowhill

P.S. Buy the Damn Chocolate! Don’t take the “shut up” comment out of context. I was simply making a point. Let her enjoy the chocolate without interruption or distraction; she’ll appreciate it.  Chocolate is an aphrodisiac. You’re welcome.