How To Get Women

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You’re single. You want a great girl that isn’t crazy, looks attractive, and has her shit together. But you keep asking yourself what the secret is on how to get women. The truth is, it’s all about confidence, but not the confidence you have after 6 beers. It comes from surrounding yourself with people that have goals and ambition. It comes from growing as a person in your everyday life. It comes from being in decent shape. It’s not the end of the world. You’re going to find out how to get women.

Your friends

Take a good look at your friends. Do your friends know how to get women? They say if you look at your 5 closest friends you’ll find a pretty good image of yourself. Maybe your friends are good with women and that intimidates you because you’re not there yet. Either way, you want to be sure you’re surrounding yourself with people that complement you, not by people that bring you down. If your group of friends have records, shitty credit and no prospects – it’s time for a different group. If your friends are the type to get falling down drunk every time you go out – it’s time to consider some alternatives. Approaching women is only half the battle. Once you’re engaged in conversation you better have something to offer a girl. Sure, you’re going to sleep with a few running some decent game, but it’s not going to last long. Find people with vision and ambition. It rubs off on you, and it shows you’re no slouch.

Your physique

She takes care of hers, so you better be damn sure you’re taking care of yours. Look, you don’t have to be a Greek god to date attractive women. You do, however, have to make an attempt to take care of yourself. Some girls and guys have it easy – they can eat whatever they want, not lifter a finger, and retain an awesome body. The rest of us, though, have to count calories, watch what we eat, and spend some time at the gym. You don’t have to give up the food that you love, but if you’re overweight you’re going to have to cut back. I’m a thin guy, so I have to eat everything imaginable and spend hard time at the gym. You HAVE to spend time being active. Join a gym close to a place you are at all times. Work, home, whatever. You have to put this into your MUST category. There are things you have to do, and things that you MUST do(pay bills, eat, sleep, etc). This HAS to be one of them. Stop making excuses about being to skinny and not being able to gain weight, or being to big and not being able to lose it. There are too many success stories to fall back on that bullshit. Start getting in shape, and start now.

Your finances


You don’t have to be rich, but you do have to be able to take a girl out, right? While you think every girl is out there to chase money(and some are, believe me), it’s just not true. Most women just want a guy that can take care of himself. If you have shitty credit, fix it. If you don’t make a lot of money, cut back on your spending. Times are tight, man. You really want to find any way you can to make more money these days. It’s turning in to the haves and the have-nots, and you want to be on the side that has something. Whether you start a business or go back to school, do something to create more wealth. Don’t do it for women, do it for financial freedom.

Your job

There’s nothing worse than leaving work feeling like shit. That’s not to say every day is going to be rosy at the office, but if you’re having more and more shitty days than good ones, you might want to find a different job. I’m not saying you have to quit your job, but pick up the classifieds and market yourself to people that will appreciate your talents. Take something you love to do and make it into your job. Make sure it’s profitable, though. Too many people give up their career to chase something that nobody has any interest in paying for. The secret is finding something you love that balances well into making a living.

The truth is, there is no “magic bullet” when it comes to how to get women. We’re going to write more articles in detail on what to wear(clothes that make you feel comfortable, but project a sense of having it together), confident approaches, NLP, fitness, humor, and anything you may have questions about.


Tommy B