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Feed My People's Lemay Thrift Store

Being socially conscience and looking great have never been so easy to do. With a vast array of second hand stores, consignment shops and thrift stores, you can really find contemporary fashions at unbelievably low prices and often times a great source of revenue from your purchases goes to these organizations who are helping so many in need.

The Thrift Stores at Feed My People, located in Lemay and in High Ridge offer a wide range of fashions for the well dressed man, along with clothing for the rest of the family. Often you can find hidden treasures and vintage apparel at both locations. Brands like Banana Republic, Gap and J. Crew can be found from time to time. I recently bought two Polo Ralph Lauren sweaters for $3.00 each. Hello? Deal of the century. Most often these stores run a season behind. These are already broken in, gently used items that still have a great life left in them and I know the money I spent will help their food pantries greatly.

The Goodwill location on Forest Park Parkway is another gem, Neatly organized racks of clothing make it easy to locate great finds like business suits, dress shirts and ties. Sportswear and casual clothing are in abundance and this is a great place to find workout clothing once we finally make a decision to start getting in shape.

The St. Vincent De Paul thrift store located at 14660 Manchester in Ballwin, among other locations, is another great source for finding previously loved clothes from a variety of designers and manufacturers. You will not only look good but also feel good about the way you are helping other with your purchase.

One of the newest additions to the second hand scene is Red Racks Thrift Store located at 8445 Gravois in Affton. Owned and operated by the Disabled American Veterans, you are sure to feel a little patriotism as you roam the aisles here.

You make a conscience effort to do some good in your community by shopping at these and other second hand stores. Make a difference by dressing the part.