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Have you ever seen a guy who look great, has a keen sense of style and really seems to take pride in his appearance, but has one thing out of place? It just might be his shoes. I see this frequently in my line of work and in my social activities. A good looking bloke whose style is dictated from the pages of a magazine, but then I look down and see crappy, often dirty shoes that bring the entire ensemble down a peg.

When I first entered the world of fashion, I always made it a point to check out a guys shoes. Not is some awkward stalking foot fetish kind of way, but as an extension of the outfit the guy was wearing. More times than not, the footwear choices being made reflected the casual comfort so many men want to achieve but lack any sense of style and in most cases hinder a great look.

Guys, I am a bit of a shoe whore so I speak with a level of authority that should be institutionalized but please listen anyway. Please consider that the foot is a continuation of the clothing on your body and should have the same thought process that goes into making conscience fashion choices. If you are headed to throw a football with some buddies in the park, don’t think any further than a pair of athletic shoes. If you are headed to the office you will want to wear shoes that showcase your sense of style as well as the comfort quality you are striving for. A great choice would be Cole Haan shoes. This designer has taken the greatest trends and manufactured them with Nike Air Technology and the result is dynamic design and incredible comfort rolled into one. Kenneth Cole has a similar product with its 925 technology.

For me, bad shoes are an indication that a guy really doesn’t take pride in his appearance. Get some shoe polish, invest in a good repair guy and most importantly allow the shoes to be an extension of your appearance. Look at them as a great accessory like a belt, a watch or a tie. In no time, your feel will be the soul of a style all your own.