50 Shades of Grey

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Breaking News from the fashion forward front lines!!! GREY IS THE NEW BLACK, THE NEW NEUTRAL, AND THE NEW MUST HAVE. If you are not making plans to bring grey in to the fold, STOP READING NOW AND BOW YOUR HEAD IN SHAME.

Congratulations! You are still reading and you have made the decision to vastly improve your wardrobe by adding grey in wonderful shades, fabrications and must have suiting for Fall 2012. Grey is the absolute easiest way to improve your appearance and give life to stagnant looks and create a broad new array of choices in your closet.

If you are the kind of St. Louis guy who thinks black in the answer for everything, I am afraid I am the bearer of bad news. Grey in every shade is the new basic. It should be your newest go-to color. Designer trends are showing grey in everything from jeans to shoes this fall and the greatest look of all is the grey suit.

Most guys who own a suit on average own one or two basics. Typically worn to weddings and funerals. I bet your closets have a black or blue one in them now and that they might be a little dated. While this is fine for minimal use, it is also boring. Suits are readily available and they are economically viable on every budget.

Stores like Men’s Warehouse, Target and Kohls sell suits and suit seperates at very affordable prices and often on sale. Every man, every size, every age all look good in a suit. Why don’t you have one?

Grey trousers, casual pants, jeans, sweaters, shirts and shoes are an important necessity for Fall 2012 and will carry you through spring as fashion trends are indicating. Mix and match hues in mulitple shades of grey. Add them to any color to create subtle or more dramatic statements.

You are doing yourself a favor by stepping out this fall in 50 shades of grey.