Cardinals Break More Hearts

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I’m from St Louis, I live in St Louis, and like most St Louisans, we love Cardinal baseball. Why do we love Cardinal baseball? Look no further than 11 World Championships to see why we love our team. The only other team to have more wins is the New York Yankees, and I’m hoping we get a piece of them this year.

Let’s begin with Adam Wainright. Waino has a curve ball that resembles a Wiffle Ball(2006 NLCS anyone?). You have to tip your cap to the Nationals. Bryce Harper didn’t hit like the Bryce Harper we have seen all year. Jason Werth just wasn’t Jason Werth. However, the heart of the Nationals order beat up on Waino early put us a six-run deficit. But who are they playing? The team of destiny, my friends. It seems like we have been running on magic for the last two years. We haven’t been running on magic, that’s heart. That’s a team that doesn’t give up.

And to, that’s exactly what your team has become: irrelevant. Have fun watching ours on the couch.

Cardinal Nation

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