Epic Naked Vacation Getaway

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We all love to travel, and lets face it… most of us love to be naked.  The staff at Men’s Confidence Magazine was fortunate enough to combine the best of these two worlds into one epic weekend in Palm Springs.  We visited Sea Mountain Inn and Spa; a not so family friendly destination and boy we were in for a treat.

Sea Mountain Inn is a nude mandatory, adults only, romantic getaway located in Desert Hot Springs, CA (right by Palm Springs).

The staff (sans the owner) are all women, and all naked. Don’t be fooled by the open air of sexuality at the resort; it is very comfortable, even for the prudish types.  When EVERYONE is naked, no one is ashamed.

We were shown around the cozy grounds, and introduced to all the guests (we still had clothes on), and everyone was friendly and inviting.  After being shown to our rooms (luxurious beds, sexy showers, and naughty videos all on tap) we were told we could not leave the room until we were naked.  We got ready in the room, braced ourselves, and become one with the crowd.  The Jacuzzi was full of couples obviously in love, and we found ourselves drawn into this world of sexy uninhibited people.  It turns out sexual activities are not only allowed in public, they are encouraged, but Sea Mountain Inn and Spa is at its heart a romantic destination. This is a place you can connect with your partner with no inhibitions. The women we talked to love the feeling of closeness they get with their man, and the men love being able to watch naked women walk around without getting in trouble.

Celebrities have been known to frequent Sea Mountain Inn and Spa and although they keep it quiet, we happen to know that Halle Berry enjoys the gated privacy and open air of this nudist paradise.  We’d give this place a full 5 stars if lunch was just as luxurious as the resort.  Couples who come here can expect to pay a pretty penny for the weekend, and there should be better meals than what was provided.  Don’t get me wrong here… it was fine, but it had the feel of a back door BBQ vs a luxurious dining experience.  Sea Mountain makes up for this however with room service supplied by a local fine Italian restaurant, at some cost to you.

In the end we really enjoyed ourselves.  Yes, we watched couples have sex in the open air, but not once did it ever feel creepy or wrong.  This is truly a destination that can rekindle any relationship, and when it boils down to it… it’s just sexy as hell.

Cameras are NOT allowed at any time, but we had received prior consent from the guests and Sea Mountain before taking pictures.

Visit the Sea Mountain Website to book your adventure today.

4 stars.