The Over/Under of Super Bowl XLVII Stories

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With Sunday’s Super Bowl now within an inch’s reach, virtually every topic has been covered. Some were expected, like the thousands of questions about the opposing Harbaugh brothers, to way out of left field, like Ray Lewis’ alleged use of a banned substance.

Most of the hubbub surrounding the buildup to the Super Bowl is based on the hard-hitting emotional tales of its participants. But as the day nears for the matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, the conversation switches to numbers.

Technically speaking, we are smack dab in the middle of both; Media day is over and the players are finally focusing their attention to the game itself. So rather than sticking to exclusively to a story or stats, here is a combination of both.

Here are a few of MCM’s official Super Bowl XVLII over/under wagers:


The CBS Announcers Reference the Super Bowl’s Many Brotherly Puns: Over/Under 16 Mentions

The Harbaugh Bowl, The HarBowl, SuperBaugh, the Brother Bowl. Chances are you’ve heard at least one of these ever since the conference championship games. The chances of overhearing someone’s joy upon thinking they have just created the world’s best pun is probably greater.

The announcers will casually throw a combination of these names all throughout the game. But don’t fret if the number of times is not as high as you first thought. There is bound to be the quintessential five to ten minute segment on John and Jim Harbaugh. Expect the gauntlet of punny goodness to be thrown in the broadcast then. Verdict: Way over.


Mention of Ray Lewis’ Murder Trial: Over/Under 2 Mentions

The two-week football drought (the Pro Bowl doesn’t count) did not bode well for Ray Lewis. He was accused of taking a banned substance that the NFL does not test for and his past was constantly brought up. His murder trial became the subject of many interviews.

But don’t expect CBS to remind you about this; they’re going to minimize Lewis’ past in favor of a feel-good retirement story. If it does get mentioned, chances are the story will be given the trademark underdog spin. Verdict: under.


Jay-Z Makes a Surprise Appearance During Beyoncé’s Halftime Performance: Over/Under .5 Appearances

Remember when people were so outraged over the fact that act like The Who and the Black Eyed Peas made halftime shows so lousy for fans that they wanted it gone? That seems like eons ago. The NFL and CBS definitely made the right choice in picking Beyoncé as this year’s musical act.

As far as the wager goes, let me see, Beyonce  is married to Jay-Z. it’s only logical that he make an appearance. People would be more surprised if he didn’t. Now an appearance by their baby girl Blue Ivy would make fans ecstatic and bring more life (pun definitely intended) to the stage. Verdict: over with 1.5 appearances.


Alex Smith Mentions: Over/Under 1 Mentions 

Poor Alex Smith. From bust to most accurate passer in the league back to bench, it hasn’t been easy for the former number one pick. Fortunately for Smith, he may not get much camera time and will probably only be mentioned in passing during a Colin Kaepernick feel-good story. Everything isn’t all bad, the team may release him from his contract early out of respect—and he might get a Super Bowl ring in the process.

Verdict: Even.


Hector Diaz is MCM’s head sportswriter. He lives in Los Angeles and is a featured columnist for where he covers sports and professional wrestling.