How National Signing Day Became a Family Affair

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National signing day is a time when prospective college football players make one of their first adult decisions—only, sometimes, they hit a few snags.

That was the case for running back Alex Collins. The South Plantation High School stud had already decided which school he was going to attend for the upcoming football season. He chose to go to Arkansas.

His mother, however, had a different idea.

Andre McDonald, and the rest of the Collins family, assumed that Alex would pick the University of Miami as his school.

NCAA rules state that a parent or legal guardian must sign off on the letter of intent if a player is under 21 year which, unfortunately, caused Collins’ delayed decision.

Collins’ mother disapproved so much of the decision that she refused to sign the proper paperwork.

One thing is disagreeing with her son’s decision, but Andrea McDonald took it a step further; she ran off with the paperwork, prolonging the process for the young running back.

Things escalated when Collins asked his father, who has not always been present during his upbringing, to cosign the letter of intent.

Now the mother, according to CBS Sports, is reportedly hiring Johnny Cochran’s old law firm to prevent Alex from going to Arkansas, claiming that she is making the decision based on what is best for Alex.

This raises that question: if you’re old enough to vote and make adult decisions at age 18, why does the NCAA require a player to be 21 to make a decision without a parent or guardian’s approval.

In fact, most of the incoming collegiate players are under 21 years of age; Being 21 and singing a letter of intent is more of the exception than the rule.

The decision will hopefully allow Collins to mature as a football player and as an individual.

In an interview with ESPN, the young running back says he is comfortable with the decision. Stick to your guns, kid.


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