Business Buzz, with Dr. Julia James

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Sexy business woman legs wearing heelsGreetings, I’m Dr. Julia James and I’m here to talk about all things business and technology in MCM’s newest column, Business Buzz.

Now that we’re into February, perhaps some of you are reevaluating your New Year’s resolutions and focusing on what your true goals are for 2013.  For many, this means aspirations of a new job or of moving up that corporate ladder.  The most common question I get is, How can I get a promotion?  This, of course, is a “loaded question”.  Sure, many of you may be thinking that all you need to do is brush-up your resume and start networking.

Both of these are great ideas.  But if I were to give you only one bit of advice, it would be to start acting the part. It doesn’t matter if you’re a manager or a worker-bee, you have got to start acting like a leader and more importantly start acting like you care.  Care about what? You need to start demonstrating that you care about your job, about your company, and about your industry.  I know some of us don’t like our job.  The reality is that we don’t all love our jobs but most of us are not independently wealthy so we have to make money (the legal way)!

Dr. Julia’s prescription:  Talk to your supervisors, and to their supervisors, when the opportunity arises—either at the proverbial water cooler, on your walk out to the car, in the elevator, or wherever you can—seize any chance you’re offered.  Show your interest in the long-term, well-being of the company and show them that you are knowledgeable about the industry.  This is the age of the information-highway, so there’s no excuse otherwise.  With just a quick “Google-search” you can find plenty of information on industry trends and, even better, what your competition is up to!  In the end, management wants to have people on their side who care about the future. Your job is to plant that seed in their thoughts, that you are a valuable employee and, in addition, one who values the company.

It’s funny when you start acting the part, you might even surprise yourself and find that you actually do care!  Or, at the least, that you are valuable and you are a great asset!  If your employer doesn’t notice maybe the competition will.


Dr. Julia James has fifteen years of business and management experience with top Fortune 100 firms in various capacities both as an employee and also as a trusted consultant.  In addition, she is a leadership coach assisting top executives on how to attain the competitive edge needed to succeed in the cut-throat business world.  A self-proclaimed techie lover, she enjoys working- out, following sports and visiting top LA hot-spots.  Connect with Dr. Julia at and on Twitter: @DrJuliaJames