Celebrity Interview: Smokin’ Hot Mindy Robinson

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Men’s Confidence Magazine was blessed this week with a visit from the ever so sexy Mindy Robinson.  She was born and raised in Fall River, MA., but now calls Los Angeles her home.  She is an actress, model, comedian, and reality star that has appeared in numerous comedies, horror films, and music videos.  To say she’s hot is an understatement.  She was voted sexiest girl on Facebook AND recently was voted #18 in the top 100 hottest girls in Hollywood. She honored me with a one on one sit-down, and it turns out she is really approachable, sweet, and down to earth.  I love this girl!

Men’s Confidence Magazine: Hi MindyThanks for taking the time out of your day to chat with me,

Mindy Robinson: Oh goodness, it’s my pleasure, thanks for having me.


©Scott Allison Photography 2013

MCM: You’ve been on several reality dating shows.  Were you truly looking for love, or was it more for exposure?

MR: The number one reason of course was for exposure, but I was really trying… I wanted to find love, but the guys they set me up with I don’t think I’d ever really date.  I really tried, because nobody wants to lose on TV, but the guys were not really my type.

MCM: Did you remotely like any of them?

MR: I still talk to Will here and there, he’s really nice, but that could never work because he lives in New York and he’s much younger than I am.

MCM: I saw you jello wrestling in the back of a pick-up truck in Operation Repo.  Was that a paid gig or were you just having a fun night of jello wrestling?

MR: That was totally a paid gig.  The show is actually a reenactment so they hired me for the drama and fun that comes with hot Jello wrestling girls in the back of a truck that’s getting repossessed.

MCM: If you could only focus on only one thing forever, would it be comedy, acting, or modeling?

MR: Most definitely acting.  I don’t really like doing stand-up, that sound horrible, but it’s not my baby.  I’d rather do sketch comedy; Id rather create something that you can share via a link. I like my stuff to be shared.

MCM: You appear in a lot of music videos… do you like doing those?


©Scott Allison Photography 2013

MR: I really do, I just get disappointed at the amount of footage they cut because they only have a 3 minute run time.  I’ve been paid for videos that I didn’t end up in.

MCM: We heard a rumor about a My Little Pony Collection?  How did that get started?

MR: It’s not really a rumor at this point (giggles)… It started when I was a kid.  My first pony was Sunbeam. When I was a little girl and acted good I was allowed to pick out a toy.  I was a very good girl so I ended up with a lot of toys.  Plus I get nostalgic for my childhood.  There is something wonderful and innocent about My Little Pony, the big eyes, the color, the curls, there is something very pleasing about them… I even love the smell of the new plastic.

MCM: You are a huge Star Trek fan…

MR: I am a HUGE star trek fan! Growing up I was a nerd, and I loved the escapism that comes with watching fantasy. I am a huge Next Generation fan.  As an adult I ended up at Comic-Con and met the cast and fell in love even more.  In fact I’ve worked with Robert Picardo, so that was like a dream come true.

MCM:  We have to ask: Kirk or Picard?

MR: That’s really tough… I have to say I’m more of a Riker girl.  (He does count, since he took command and was even made captain during the time when the Borg kidnapped and assimilated Picard.) He was just so smooth, all the ladies wanted him, (including me) and yet he always uses his power for good.  Kirk and Picard have Equal billing in my eyes.


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MCM: How many pairs of shoes you own?

MR: It could be worse… I have a nice shelf full of shoes, but it’s not overboard… maybe 30 pairs. I need shoes to match any outfit of course.

MCM: If you could get busy with one secret celebrity crush, who would it be?

MR: Hmmm… I think the problem with that question is all the people I used to want are older now and I think I probably COULD get them, so I kind of don’t want them anymore.  I think when I meet a celebrity now, I try almost TOO hard to treat them normal, so I never try and hook up because I figure they’ve already had lots of encounters before meeting me.


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MCM: If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

MR: “I Poop Cupcakes.”  In many ways it describes me because I am super girly AND I like to be gross.

MCM: If you didn’t become a celebrity, what everyday occupation would you have liked?

MR: I have a vocational degree in animal science, so I think I’d want to own a pet store.  I love animals.

MCM: I kind of have a weird fear of clowns.  Do you ever have nightmares about the killer clowns from Killjoy Goes to Hell?

MR: I wasn’t really afraid of those clowns. No, my real fear is mayonnaise; it horrifies me.  It looks like brains in a jar.  I can’t have anything that has mayonnaise on it.  You want the ultimate horror film?  “Something Something Mayonnaise”. Clowns are fine.  In fact I disemboweled a clown in that movie so they should fear me.

MCM: What advice would you give to people wanting to get into the acting scene?

MR: Well, you have to be able to act.  That’s the most important thing.  People think you have to be gorgeous, but tell that to Steve Buscemi.  You have to be interesting looking.  It’s really more important to be interesting looking. Most roles are Character roles, and it’s tempting to get for aspiring actors to get work done, but at the end of the day, the people that look VERY Jewish, or VERY Irish, even VERY fat will get the role before the perfect looking person. Often the sexy look that works in person, doesn’t work on camera.

MCM: Finally, what projects do you have going on that you’d like to promote?

MR: King of the Nerds.  I’m on 3 episodes this season and I’d love to return.  Also, the Casting Couch is coming out March 12th, and it will be very available.  Look for me there! Also check out my IMDB page for all my new stuff.

MCM: Thanks for stopping by!

MR: My Pleasure!  


© Scott Allison Photography 2013

To visit Mindy’s sites or to contact her for booking, visit her twitter @iHeartMindy  or her IMDB page, or contact Bailey Ryan here at the magazine for more information.  All Photos are used with permission.