The Top Eight Skills ALL Men Must Possess

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In this day of equal rights, the lines of manliness are getting blurred. Don’t be fooled however. Just because a woman KNOWS how to open her car door, doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you to do it for her. The same goes for everything on this list.  Master the basics and you will impress the ladies.

#1. Know how to barbecue the perfect steak.


This is a staple skill that all men think they possess but many do not. Don’t be sucked in by the Fillet Mignon or a T-bone. While these are fine, tender cuts, real men know the best flavor is held by a good cut of ribeye (or Scotch fillet as it’s known around the world). Not all steaks are created equal.  Make sure it’s about 1.5 inches thick and dry aged. You pay more, but it’s worth it.

#2. Be a whiskey connoisseur.


Warm, dry, sweet, and smooth. These are the qualities of a good whisky. Aged longer than 10 years is best, 30 if you can afford it.

#3. Own a perfectly tailored suit.


Don’t settle for an off the rack JC Penny suit. You must have it tailored at a specialty suit shop. Think Barney from How I Met Your Mother.

#4. Close the deal without being an ass.


Contrary to what some people preach, the more of an ass you are, the less chance you have to seal the deal with that hottie in the club. Try Ryan Barlow’s No Nonsense Pick-up for best results.

#5. Know basic survival skills.


Basic Survival skills are essential for any man, either to impress their wilderness date, or for real life emergencies. Take a class, research online, and learn what to do if you are caught in the elements. It’s manly.

#6. Know how to build a fire.


I considered lumping this with survival skills, but this is a skill in itself. Building a campfire is of course on the list, but a good fireplace fire can be tricky if not done properly as well. Learn the basics of fire building and you will never be cold again.

#7. Learn basic auto repair.


You don’t need to know how to rebuild a transmission (bonus points if you can), but every man needs to know how to change their oil, tires, brakes, and alternator should the need arise. Plus it can save thousands in maintenance repairs. Money you can use to buy that suit. Look online for lessons, or get a Hayes repair manual.

#8. Know how to play poker.


This is a staple of manliness. Whether it’s for money or for fun, men’s night out usually involves drinking, strippers, or poker. If you don’t know how, learn.