A Man’s Man: The Jack Dagger Interview

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He was named one of People Magazine’s sexiest men alive. He has appeared on the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. He was made into a comic by Stan Lee. He’s even partied with Anne Rice.


Also known as the King of Fling, Jack Dagger is a world renowned knife throwing comedian who has worked with the likes of with Britney Spears, Adam Sandler, Tony Shaloub, David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel. He’s appeared on More Extreme Marksmen, Top Shot, and Stan Lee’s Superhumans (of which he is featured in the opening credits) as the world’s most accurate marksman and expert in the field of knife throwing.

Jack rose to fame after winning the Knife Throwing World Championship 3 years in a row, at which point he retired undefeated, drawing immediate comparisons between himself and Chuck Norris. Shortly afterwards he was inducted into the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame.

I met Jack for the first time at the Southern California Renaissance Faire, and got to know him better when I appeared as a guest on the Brian Howard Show. Jack Dagger is by all accounts a man’s man, and he was kind enough to sit down with me for a personal one on one.

Men’s Confidence Magazine: Hi Jack, thanks for stopping by.

Jack Dagger: Not a problem.

MCM: How old were you when you knew you wanted to be a performer?

JD: I think I was 3 years old. During the rehearsal for my aunt and uncle’s wedding, I would do somersaults down the aisle to keep people entertained; although it wasn’t until the early 90’s that I got an agent and tried to get into commercials and stuff.

MCM: Why knives?

JD: Why NOT knives? When I was a child, my mother would assign me tasks like gardening, and I was never able to do it properly. I would run around and throw the gardening tools into dirt, (and sometimes trees) and it became a passion of mine. It progressed from gardening tools, to screwdrivers, then knives.


Courtesy of and © PhotoPersuasion.net

MCM: How many times have you woken up bleeding?

JD: [Laughs] Not as often as you’d think; once, maybe twice. The first time I really don’t remember, I was knocked unconscious in the process, but when I was younger, we thought it was a good idea to build a ramp that had bricks on one side, so you could stomp on the ramp and make the bricks fly into the air. I of course wanted a bigger ramp to make the bricks fly higher. After a good stomp, I lost sight of the brick and next thing I know it clobbers me, and I woke up bleeding all over. It was pretty awesome.

MCM: So nothing professionally? No on-stage accidents?

JD: Not yet.

MCM: What was it like being named one of People Magazine’s sexiest men alive?

JD: Shocking. When the lady first called me and told me I was going to be in the issue, I really thought she was totally bullshitting me. When the magazine came out I realized she was serious.

MCM: Did that help your career?

JD: Oh absolutely. Every piece of publicity makes you more marketable, especially if I’m competing for a spot with an employer. If a cool event is coming up and I’m competing against the best of the best, all those letters and shows after my name give me the boost to land the gig. As a bonus, all my “friends” from high school saw me and suddenly I had tons of “friends” again.

MCM: What went through your mind the first time you discovered you had a Wikipedia page?

JD: Oh THAT was exciting. That was easily as exciting as People Magazine. To realize that I was considered a definable item in pop culture was really awesome.

MCM: Who wins in a fight? Joruus C’Baoth or Mace Windu?

JD: Wow… I didn’t realize you had enough geek cred to ask me that question. I’m impressed. It depends, are we talking about the Jedi Council member Jorus or his clone Joruus?

MCM: The Clone.

JD: That would be an incredible battle, but I’d have to give it to Mace, because if Joruus can be manipulated by Thrawn, then Mace has the advantage. Only Palpatine could beat Mace in direct combat.

MCM: You were turned into a comic by Stan Lee for Superhumans. How did that feel?

JD: Being a nerd and growing up reading comics made it more incredible than you can imagine. It’s really about as cool as it gets. It’s finally airing too! I’m in the opening credits so that’s exciting.

MCM: What did you like better, being named one of People magazine’ sexiest men alive or performing on the tonight show with Conan O’Brien?

JD: Conan O’Brien. I was on the Tonight Show during his very brief stay there, and not many people can say that. Plus he’s incredibly funny, and we fed off each other behind the scenes. He is very funny and very fun to be around.

MCM: If comic and cartoon characters were real, which cartoon character would you most like to hook up with?


Jack Dagger’s Childhood Fantasy

JD: Oh, damn… that is a hard question. The comic industry really has its finger on the pulse of pubescent teenagers, and it’s hard to pick just one. Growing up however, I had this poster of Felicia Hardy (The Black Cat) that may have been the cause of more than one or two instances of self-gratification. So yeah… Black Cat.

MCM: Kirk or Picard?

JD: Fuck. That’s another hard one. I grew up with a stronger relationship with Picard, but I recognize that Kirk is such a badass and top of the food chain. The Next Generation lasted several more seasons, so I still have to go with Picard.

MCM: You’ve won several world championships. Do you still compete?

JD: I do not compete.

MCM: Why Not?

JD: Because it’s a lose/lose situation. On the one hand, if I was to compete and win (as would be expected), I would be looked down on, and the competition would be deemed unfair because I am a world famous professional taking advantage of the competitive circuit. I’d be expected to win and considered a douche for winning. Should I compete and lose on the other hand, people would wonder why I didn’t win, wonder if I’d lost my touch, and my credibility in the business would drop.

MCM: So you’d rather suffer the Chuck Norris effect instead of the Tiger Woods effect.

JD: As long as you are putting it that way, then yes.

MCM: Do you miss competing?

JD: Ha. No. Not at all. My love is now performing on stage or on camera.

MCM: You’ve worked on set with a ton of celebrities. Who was your favorite to work with?

JD: I think Conan. He was the most fun to play with, because we had a 2 way comedic banter at all times. I don’t really get nervous before a show, but as I was waiting to go on, I realized there would be no retakes. There would be one shot, one take, and I had to do it right the first time. Once I stepped on stage and saw the audience, I felt at home again, and just got into the show.

MCM: How did you get involved with the Brian Howard Show?

JD: Well… that was a weird little bromance thing that blossomed. My stage partner at the Ren Faire, Karen, knew us both very well and kept telling us we needed to hang out because we had a similar sense of humor and lots in common. Brian and I are both stubborn and lazy, so we never followed through. A few years later we were at the Northern California Faire and met at the front gate by chance, and started talking and just hit it off and after a while he invited me on the show.

MCM: To end the interview, please tell our readers something shocking about you that you’ve never told anyone else.

JD: Let’s talk about sexual hijinks, because with me it somehow ends up there no matter the topic. Back in 1995 I was still living in Louisiana and I was a big Anne Rice fan.  The 5th book in the vampire chronicles had just come out, Memnoch the Devil, and she was throwing a huge party at her house. There were at least 5,000 people there. I saw a girl wearing a very short black dress, clearly no underwear, bright red lipstick and very pale. I was in full vampire costume. She and I made eye contact a few times, and my buddy’s wife says “Don’t worry, I’ll go get her,” and rushes off to talk to her and they come back together. The girl says “If I could take you someplace I would.” My heart starts racing and I am wracking my brain for a place to take this girl. Earlier that night I had found out that one of the flight of stairs went up to the 4th floor, but every floor was blocked off. We snuck upstairs to the 4th floor bay window that overlooked the party, and I had sex with her right against the window. Remember now, I am in full vampire costume, in character, having sex in Anne Rice’s house looking over this huge party. We finished up and went back to the party, and I didn’t realize I was covered in red lipstick (I’m in white face paint) and my friends had a good laugh, although they didn’t think I had sex with her. To prove it I pulled down my pants to show them the condom I was still wearing (I thought it would be rude to leave a condom in Ann Rice’s 4th floor, so I left it on). Sadly, I never got the girls name.

MCM: What a great way to end an interview! Thanks so much for your time.

JD: No problem. Thanks for having me.

For more information on Jack or for booking, contact him at jackdagger.com, and don’t forget to listen to him on the Brian Howard Show.