We’ve Got a Package for You…

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Signed.  Sealed.  Delivered.

Life can be as simple as ordering a pizza.  Seriously.   So, get off your lazy butts and get online–the latest monthly delivery options offer ways to make your life cooler and easier.

BirchboxBirchbox:  Feel like a flashy GQ editor and get free samples of cool products for $10-$20 a month.  In addition to samples, you can enjoy items like a new tie or pocket square.

images (1)BustedTees Shirt of the Month Club:  Everyone loves the guy with the hilarious t-shirt– how about a “Los Pollos Hermanos” shirt a la Breaking Bad.  With shirts that are $20-$40, you get a shirt every month for only $50 for a three-month subscription!

dconheels-elliott-beauty-delivery-march-2013Cravebox: For $10-$15, receive cool products that are “relevant to your interests, needs, activities and occasions”.  These boxes range in theme from “Health and Wellness” to “Pets”.

dconheels-elliott-beauty-delivery-march-2013Manpacks:   Your Mom always said to have on clean underwear and now you can enjoy some new drawers with a quarterly delivery service.  Starting at $20 (three pairs of underwear and three pairs of socks), you can receive underwear, shirts, socks, razors, condoms and more!

dconheels-elliott-beauty-delivery-march-2013Trunk Club:  This should be renamed “stylist in a box” for clueless guys who need to up their style.  Based on a personalized survey, Trunk Club delivers a few complete outfits for you to try on for 10 days—then, you are simply charged for the items you keep.

Abbie Elliot is a senior contributor for MCM and a writer for ‘Under the Tuscan Gun, part of “The Cooking Channel’s “Extra Virgin” with actress Debi Mazar (Entourage’s Shauna Roberts) and husband Gabriele Corcos. She has served as managing editor for ‘DC on Heels’, and has written professionally for organizations like The White House Commission on Remembrance and AOL/The Huffington Post. Follow her on twitter: @abbie_b_elliott or email abbie.b.elliott@gmail.com