Tired of the White Stuff? Try a Spot of Color

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imageSigns of spring are evident everywhere you look.¬†The¬†ground is starting to thaw, flowers are beginning to poke through, and the sense that color is near has my eyes focused on great fashion options for spring. Spring doesn’t simply mean rotate to the short sleeve shirts to the front of the closet or boxing up the wool scarves and heavy coats.

Spring is an attitude and feeling, more than a look. If you have the right attitude and openness for subtle changes, your look will happen on its own, and people around you will be sending compliments your way.

In this part of the country, colder weather can last through April, so don’t be too eager to put away the cooler weather favorites. The object is to layer effectively and realize color is the bold choice now.

Let’s build the ideal spring layering ensemble. Start with the bottoms. Dark denim is always the greatest canvas. Anything can be built around it. Gingham checked shirts are a great place to begin your color pallet. Most department store men’s shops are offering these in a variety of colors. Dillard’s has shades of blue, lavender and yellow in the Polo Ralph Lauren department and this is a great starting point. Add a basic v-neck sweater to complete the look.

You are not finished just yet. The shoe choices are the most important. Stick to a simple driving moccasin or chukka boot, but experiment with color in your socks. Try stripes and plaids. They will (pardon the pun), put a little pep in your step.

imageAnother great option for adding color this spring is to keep it simple. Choose dark denim jeans, a crisp starched white or solid button down, a great basic navy blazer, possibly from Brooks Brothers, and then work down to happy feet. Wear a brightly colored athletic inspired shoe to complete the look. Great shoe options from Puma, Adidas and Asics are perfect choices. I am personally a huge fan of the Nike Vintage Vortex.

If you follow these simple and easy guidelines, you will go from drab to fab instantly.