The Bailey Ryan Diaries: The Beginning

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Hi guys and gals.  I’ve decided to keep an online journal of my day to day or week to week happenings.  A few amazing things have happened to me recently and I thought it would be fun to talk about it in my own little blog.  Men’s Confidence Magazine was kind enough to allow me to have my own little corner of the web to chat, vent, discuss, etc…

Never fear! My sex advice column isn’t going away.  In fact, the limited fame I’ve received from it has prompted me to branch out into keeping a personal blog like diary online.  It will not be in the “dear diary” format, just occasional updates on real life happenings, social calendar updates, TV shoots, radio appearances, blah blah.

I hope you tune in.  I will update whenever I have something to chat about.  Feel free to drop me a line if you want me to discuss something you love.  :-)




Bailey Ryan is our resident relationship expert and senior editor. She is a syndicated columnist and the author of “Ask Her”, and has been a guest on several radio and TV broadcasts. She specializes in sexual behavior, relationship advice, and off-road jeep tech. Feel free to send any questions your heart desires to the magazine or Bailey directly, either on twitter: @chirebailey or email: