Green With Envy

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imageI recently bought my third pair of green athletic inspired shoes. This time I bought the Saucony jazz from I find that a little green brightens up an everyday look. While out and about, I like to study current styles and trends. I fimd that about two in ten guys have great personal style, three in ten need just a little help, and the rest just don’t seem to care. The common denominator among the best of this group was that they were not afraid to go green.

Whether you are a risk taker or not, adding green to your look in any number of simple ways make a bold choice that will make even the savviest dressers envious of your great control of color.

imageA man secure in his style might choose a great pair of green pants. For those slightly less adventurous you may choose to add a bright green polo style knit shirt to a pair of khakis, and if you’re somewhere in between you could wow the crowd with green athletic shoes or even add green laces to your work oxfords.

Bottom line guys is this: take chances. Not all of us are comfortable taking a giant leap, but if you follow the aforementioned advice you are sure to have people take notice in positive ways. One positive step after another and you are well on your way to being a style leader rather than a fashion failure.