The Bailey Ryan Diaries: SAG. To Be, Or Not To Be? (a member)

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Let’s be honest.  I’m not an actress.  I’ve never aspired to be an actress.  I’ve never taken acting classes or gone out to casting calls.  Yet I find myself in an amazing position that many actors and actresses spend years trying to achieve, and it was all on accident. I find myself eligible to join the Screen Actors Guild.

How did this happen?  Honestly… by accident.  As most of you know, I am a lingerie model with a degree in human sexuality.  I took these attributes and turned them into a fun little sex advice column called Ask Her. The popularity spread, and although I will be the first person to tell you I’m certainly not famous, I admit to having garnered some attention, having received fan mail, and now have over 45K followers on twitter.  Not bad for not famous.

Before we continue, I need to talk about the actress Mindy Robinson for a moment.  We first met when I interviewed her for a magazine article, and she may just be the hardest working actress in Hollywood. In fact, she recently beat out David Duchovny in IMDb rankings.  In the last 2 years she has appeared in an obscene amount of movies, shows, videos, etc, including Ted, Iron Man 3, and Tosh.0.  On a personal level, I really like Mindy.  After interviewing her AND working with her on set, I find her charming, talented, and sexy to boot. I hope we can stay friends.

I digress.  During preparation for the interview, I discovered one of her shows; a Blip TV show called Veronique Von Venom: Horror Hostess Hottie. Although it was a low budget show, I found it hilarious.  Mindy gave me the director’s number (Jose Prendes), and I asked if I could be an interviewee on the show.  He agreed, but instead of a guest spot, he cast me in a recurring role as Karlova, a lingerie wearing sexologist who dispenses horror related relationship advice. I now appear in 5 episodes of a production that stars a SAG actresses, and per SAG guidelines, I’ve become SAG eligible on my first shot out of the gate because it is a recurring and speaking role in a TV show or Web Series that stars a SAG member.

To me, this seems like a loophole, but I was genuinely tempted to join. The benefits are amazing, and the status level is nice to have.

I am choosing not to.

Why? Because I’m not ready.  I know several actors and actresses, and every single one of them EARNED their SAG card. They knew they wanted to be in show business. They paid their dues and now reap the rewards   I personally have never had that drive, and I don’t know if I ever will.  Maybe I’ll take a few acting classes and do some background work to see if I enjoy it, and in the future, if I find a love or passion for the work, I will get my SAG card, but for now, SAG is not for me.

What are your thoughts?  Would you get a SAG card if you had the chance? Let me know in the comments below.

If YOU want a nice loophole to get your SAG card, check this out:




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