The Bailey Ryan Dairies: Being Tall

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IMG_4861I have decided to move forward with acting.  I’ve signed up for an acting class, and have been submitting myself for several background and character roles.

Since my last diary entry discussing the Screen Actors Guild, I have been cast in 2 feature films, and although I wont count my chickens before they hatch, I trust these people and look forward to working with them.

I went on my first “official” casting call yesterday, and tentatively landed “a role.”  I’m too new to know if this will happen or not, but the role I auditioned for I decidedly did not get, nor did I “technically” audition for it. I walked into the room and they said “sorry… too tall.”

Too Tall? Shit. Well I can’t change that. I still chatted them up, we had a nice meeting, and at the end they said the’d be in touch.  I thought I was doomed at that point, but this morning I received an email that said:

“This email is to inform you that you have the right look for a film like this, and everyone agrees that you had really great presence and attitude. I hope you understand that your 6′ in height only means I couldn’t use you for this specific character,  but if it’s OK, We’d like to talk with you next week to figure out another part you can play in this film…”

So perhaps not a strikeout, but does this mean I have promise?  I hope so.  In my paranoia, I looked online to see if there are any other actresses my height, and I was happy to find I’m not the only tall girl on the block.  It turns out that Brooke Shields, Uma Thurman, Sigourney Weaver, and Famke Janssen are all my height.  My fears are a little assuaged. I’m guessing I’ll never land a role with Tom Cruise though.




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