Review: Bailey Ryan and Mindy Robinson Team Up for Veronique Von Venom

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It’s official!  Our very own Bailey Ryan has been cast in season 2 of the internet sensation Veronique von Venom: Horror Hostess Hottie, starring Mindy Robinson.

The show’s premise is startlingly simple and quite funny. Veronique von Venom (Played by Mindy Robinson) was once the host of her very own public access show, but apparently wasn’t good enough for that and got kicked off the air.  She decided she would start her OWN show in her basement dungeon(yes… dungeon). She discusses and reviews horror movies and books, and interviews famous horror actors and directors, all the while being plagued by her overbearing, under-thinking, meat-head of a boyfriend. Follow along and see all the drama unfold. It’s very funny satire.

Don’t be fooled by the cheesy look of the set.  This is intentionally done to give it the appearance of a very low budget show; think Wayne’s World meets Elvira.  Although purposefully low budget, the director is actually none other than  Jose Prendes, the mind behind excellent feature films including The Haunting of Whaley House and the blockbuster hit Hansel and Gretel. Jose brings an artisan’s touch to satirical humor.

Bailey Ryan is no stranger to the media, but this will mark her first comedy TV series. She is slated to appear in five episodes as Karlova, the horror loving, lingerie wearing sexologist.  It’s as funny as it sounds.

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emmapeelSeason 2 is scheduled for release in June, and stop by Blip TV and check out season 1 now!