The Bailey Ryan Diaries: IMDb

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emmapeelSo all of my thoughts and intentions about blogging my daily goings on have fallen by the wayside due to my hectic schedule.  When I last checked in, I mentioned I was going to give acting a try.  I really really want to say I’ve been working tons, going to casting calls, etc… but I have a day-to-day job as well (for those who don’t know, I run an entertainment company specializing in exotic bartenders, entertainment, and planning for weddings) and it seems that becoming a true working actor isn’t in the cards.

What seems to be in the cards however is a slow build of interest in me, and I’ve been cast in a commercial, a movie, and a TV show, leading to IMDb finally adding a credit for me!  It’s my first of few, but I was excited nonetheless.  I’m officially on IMDb’s radar, and that perhaps is a step in the right direction.  Or perhaps it’s nothing. I’m not really sure yet.  Either way, I can be found here:





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