Whisky Overtakes Vodka as America’s Favorite Drink

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Jack Daniel’s fans rejoice. Whisky is the official drink of America again. For the first time since 2008, vodka is no longer the drink of choice for most Americans.

The reason may be that our palette has evolved. It is common to detect 5 or 6 separate aromas in a whisky, and not unusual to note over 10.  Whisky is a dynamic, volatile spirit which evolves in the glass and challenges the senses.  Nosing and tasting whisky is an exciting activity which can produce glorious but logic-defying descriptions: “Tarry rope, carrot cake and plastic water buckets filled with seawater”.  It may sound pretentious, but whisky is immensely complex in its chemistry and produces hundreds of very specific memory-prodding aromas.  It baffles the scientists and delights its fans for its unparalleled ability to smell and taste of 10 memories simultaneously.

It turns out that whisky is healthy for you as well. Some of the benefits include its ability to aid in weight loss, slow down the onset of dementia, increase heart health, prevents and manages diabetes, boosts good cholesterol, fights against cancer, eliminates blood clots, strengthens the immune system. Generally, whiskey is one of the healthiest forms of alcohol available.

We at MCM rejoice in the news, and our home bars are all the better for it.


Written by Lea Hatch and Danielle Torkelsen