The 37th Annual Nighclub & Bar Tradeshow

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The 37th annual Nightclub & Bar Show recently wrapped up at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  While we will be checking back with more stories and interviews soon, we wanted to sum up some of our favorite things we saw this year.

Mules of Course!

It appears the popularity of the Moscow Mule was not a fad. Reed’s Ginger Brew has created a new “strong” variety especially for mules, and their ginger candies make a better garnish than the traditional lime wedge. Cock ‘n Bull Ginger Beer has also come up with a cherry variety, while Barritt’s makes a diet version. There were also quite a few companies making copper mugs of all shapes and sizes.

Twisted Tea!

I’ve never tried this before but I’m hooked! This might be my favorite drink of the show, and it’s probably because I didn’t taste any alcohol before getting drunk. It’s that good! I can’t really stress how much I love this stuff enough.

Blood Mary Time!

Olives stuffed with anchovies. Olives stuffed with feta cheese. Olives stuffed with jalapeños and garlic.  Cherry peppers. Cucumber puree. Red pepper puree. Cocktail picks topped with basketballs. Cocktail picks topped with sparkly silver stars. Vodka with vitamins. Vodka with tequila. Meat straws; just a few things that you can shove into your bloody mary.

Crystal Head Vodka!

This has been around a while, and everyone has been telling me to suck it up and try it. I didn’t want to let my Tito’s go. Alas, I’ve been missing out. Crystal Head is my new favorite, although Tito will hold a place in my heart forever.

Super fun things!

There’s always plenty of odd paraphernalia at the convention. There were “Roofie-Blocker” drink lids, automated jello-shot makers, vodka bottles that display flashing LED signs, and so much more!


Social media continues to infiltrate your bar and club time. Photo kiosks will snap your picture and upload it to Twitter and Facebook, even if you forget your smartphone. A variety of apps will allow patrons to buy each other drinks, play trivia and talk shit about sports, even with people in other bars. And, of course, there’s a legion of ways for bars to monetize the plea of “Can I charge my phone?”

Stay tuned for more fun from the convention floor to come!