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Old People Behaving Badly

Last week, a friend in his mid 60’s approached me who knew about my undergraduate studies in sexual behavior.  He was wondering at what age he was likely to stop having sex.  It caught me as odd because he seems spry, but this is not as uncommon a question as you’d think. Most people assume that sex stops after some vague age.

Here is a statistic you can’t unlearn:  Last week, more than half of those aged 57 to 75 said they gave or received oral sex.  Yes, Grandpa went south on Grandma, and in return she gobbled Grandpa’s knob. Read more

Successfully Navigating Speed Dating

With the launch party/speed-dating event of Finding Love Magazine looming, I’ve been getting bombarded with questions about speed dating protocol. Since you only have five to ten minutes to decide whom you consider long-term partner material, you must make your speed dating count.

Beautiful women love to go speed dating because men often don’t have the courage to approach them in a normal social setting, and it’s a fun night out with their girlfriends.  This is not the case for the guys. Eligible men don’t round up their buddies on a Saturday night for a few beers and two hours of speed dating just for fun. The guys on your left and right will often be unattractive, dull, socially awkward, or live with their mother. If this is you, don’t panic! Ladies tend not too be too shallow, and one of these traits probably won’t be a deal breaker, but you’ll stand out from the crowd if you don’t have too many of them. Read more

Surround Yourself With The Right People

Take a look around you. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Your 5 closest friends are “you”. Good people are drawn to good people, and shitty people are drawn to shitty people. Now, there are exceptions to that rule, obviously. But we’re looking at the majority here. Crackheads don’t hang out with bible thumpers, and successful people don’t run with losers.  Read more

Why Didn’t She Call?

You met a girl, you hit it off – maybe you even slept with her, and now she isn’t responding to your texts or calls. This post is going to be really short, because it’s really freakin simple: you’re too fucking eager.  Read more

Confidence: Removing Self-Doubt


You’ve heard it before: “Sell with confidence”, “The confident approach”, Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” We could go on listing confident quotes for the entire article, but it’s not going to change the person you are. Confidence isn’t something you’re born with, it’s something you work at. Confidence isn’t even something that’s necessarily learned, it’s practiced. Read more

Buy the Damn Chocolate! (Winter Dating Tips)

It’s about taking action, really. If you just took the advice in the headline your life with women would be much easier. Women like Chocolate. When?  Before the words even come out of their mouths.  And it’s damn wise to have chocolate stashed away when the statement has been made, “I want some Chocolate.”  It’s really one of the most straight-forward, to- the- point phrases that women make. Ok, not ALL women like chocolate, but most of them do.  However, it is essential equipment for the single & confident man.

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How Drunks Kill the Pickup

You’ve been there before. You’re out with your friends, you’re dancing and having a good time, and you can’t close. The truth is, you THINK you’re the most phenomenal dancer, you THINK you’re the funniest guy in the room, and you THINK you’re George Clooney. But the truth? You’re probably too drunk to notice you’re acting a fool. Read more

2012, You Bail Out Yet?

C’mon you know what we’re talking about…the New Year’s resolution!  We are now just a few weeks into 2012 and chances are you bailed on your resolution. Or you’re planning your escape by pre-arming yourself with excuses for the peanut gallery.

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The Approach For Confident Men

Gone in 60 Seconds, a quick One-Eighty.

So did that stunning beauty just leave your ass like a Shelby GT500? Was she “Gone in 60 Seconds”? Has Eleanor (aka the beautiful woman) slipped from your grips again?  Any solid driver knows you need a good 180 – a good 180 seconds, that is. Yes, we’re talking pure time here, fellas. It’s true; you only have about 3 minutes before a woman decides if she likes you or not.  And we are referring to the VERY FIRST interaction you have with her. This article will give you some basic Nuts n’ Bolts you’ll need to cover before she hits “Go Baby Go” and leaves you in the dust.


Over and over again I have watched men fail with women because they don’t understand the first key principles of “meeting women”.  The first principle is, understanding how important those first short one hundred and eight seconds are.

Let’s put the pedal to the metal and get right to it…

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