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Do you have the blues?

Style icon and legendary former Editor-in-Chief of Vogue once said, “Blue jeans are the most beautiful things since the gondola”.

Blue jeans have come a long way since the acid washed, patch covered, ripped and torn bottoms of yesterday. Today, they are just about the most important article of clothing in any wardrobe. The fact is, blue jeans now define our fashion sense more than any other item. Read more

Green With Envy

imageI recently bought my third pair of green athletic inspired shoes. This time I bought the Saucony jazz from I find that a little green brightens up an everyday look. While out and about, I like to study current styles and trends. I fimd that about two in ten guys have great personal style, three in ten need just a little help, and the rest just don’t seem to care. The common denominator among the best of this group was that they were not afraid to go green. Read more

We’ve Got a Package for You…

Signed.  Sealed.  Delivered.

Life can be as simple as ordering a pizza.  Seriously.   So, get off your lazy butts and get online–the latest monthly delivery options offer ways to make your life cooler and easier. Read more

Vehicles You Wish You Owned


Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster


Read more

Dynamic Duos

When I think of dynamic duos past and present like Opie and Andy, Batman and Robin, Ren and Stimpy or Ethel and Lucy, the first thought is not often fashion. But this fall there are some fantastic duos that can create dynamic looks when paired together.

Most men I know tend to gravitate toward the same things in their closets. Whether for comfort or convenience they seem to always be in the same thing or a variation of the same thing. Great individual style requires risks. When you admire something someone has on, or take note of their great appearance, it is generally because they are not afraid to step outside the box and dabble a bit with things less familiar.

The top duos for fall are:

VESTS WITH JEANS. No, do not take the vest from your three-peice suit and pair it with an old pair of relaxed jeans. Pair a great pair of dark denim jeans in a straight or slim fit with a crisp plaid shirt and a on trend tweed vest and vintage boots. This is the risk taking that is essential to giving you a top notch fashion forward look. You can get these things at almost any department store in the St. Lousi area and on any budget.

PUFFY VEST AND SWEATER. With the onset of some cooler temps in the area, I know I am dreaming of the crackling fire and a chill in the air that drives me to the closet to retrieve the cold weather apparel. This season the puffy vest paired with a great sweater create a duo that is sure to turn heads and put you on top of any best dressed list. Make sure to pair with dark jeans and a great chukka boot for maximum impact.

V-NECK SWEATER AND ALMOST ANYTHING. That’s right. The v-neck sweater is the perfect go-to item with almost anything in your closet. From dress pants to khakis and from jeans to casual attire. The v-neck elongates the torso and gives a great desired slimming effect to those who don’t live in the gym or those who wish to appear taller. Some of the best this season has to offer start with the v-neck sweater.

It is up to you, but the most stylish men in St. Louis will be the ones who take the risks, and pair up dynamic duos for for a fall that is nothing short of amazing in the fashion scene.

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50 Shades of Grey

Breaking News from the fashion forward front lines!!! GREY IS THE NEW BLACK, THE NEW NEUTRAL, AND THE NEW MUST HAVE. If you are not making plans to bring grey in to the fold, STOP READING NOW AND BOW YOUR HEAD IN SHAME.

Congratulations! You are still reading and you have made the decision to vastly improve your wardrobe by adding grey in wonderful shades, fabrications and must have suiting for Fall 2012. Grey is the absolute easiest way to improve your appearance and give life to stagnant looks and create a broad new array of choices in your closet.

If you are the kind of St. Louis guy who thinks black in the answer for everything, I am afraid I am the bearer of bad news. Grey in every shade is the new basic. It should be your newest go-to color. Designer trends are showing grey in everything from jeans to shoes this fall and the greatest look of all is the grey suit.

Most guys who own a suit on average own one or two basics. Typically worn to weddings and funerals. I bet your closets have a black or blue one in them now and that they might be a little dated. While this is fine for minimal use, it is also boring. Suits are readily available and they are economically viable on every budget.

Stores like Men’s Warehouse, Target and Kohls sell suits and suit seperates at very affordable prices and often on sale. Every man, every size, every age all look good in a suit. Why don’t you have one?

Grey trousers, casual pants, jeans, sweaters, shirts and shoes are an important necessity for Fall 2012 and will carry you through spring as fashion trends are indicating. Mix and match hues in mulitple shades of grey. Add them to any color to create subtle or more dramatic statements.

You are doing yourself a favor by stepping out this fall in 50 shades of grey.

The Eyes Have It


Accesorizing your look comes pretty easy for us guys. A tie or a belt and a watch generally suffices. But as more men become conscience of their appearance, more are starting to compliment their style with fashionable eyewear. The sources are limitless and now more than ever nitche eyewear boutiques are being replaced with easy to navigate online stores.

I recently hit the jackpot when I discovered Warby Parker. This newer company offers vintage inspired glasses and gives you the option of “try before you buy” and will send you up to five pair of frames to try on to see which you like with no obligation of purchace. If you choose to buy from them, they will give a pair to a less fortunate person. Most glasses are $95 and include a single vision prescription. Please patronize them at

Other online eyewear sources are with very reasonable frames and I have purchased from both and place great confidence in them.

For those of you shopping in the St. Louis area, there are some fantastic options in your own back yard. SEE Eyewear at the St. Louis Galleria is among my favorites. I have purchaced from them in other cities and very happy to have them in the Lou. Eyewear Loft at 9644 Olive Blvd. and Eye Rock at 28 Maryland Plaza are equally great places to find spot on current trends and exceptional customer service.

Do not be afraid to let the Eyes have it. A stylish pair of glasses not only defines your look but gives you the perfect accessory to show off your best feature.


Have you ever seen a guy who look great, has a keen sense of style and really seems to take pride in his appearance, but has one thing out of place? It just might be his shoes. I see this frequently in my line of work and in my social activities. A good looking bloke whose style is dictated from the pages of a magazine, but then I look down and see crappy, often dirty shoes that bring the entire ensemble down a peg.

When I first entered the world of fashion, I always made it a point to check out a guys shoes. Not is some awkward stalking foot fetish kind of way, but as an extension of the outfit the guy was wearing. More times than not, the footwear choices being made reflected the casual comfort so many men want to achieve but lack any sense of style and in most cases hinder a great look.

Guys, I am a bit of a shoe whore so I speak with a level of authority that should be institutionalized but please listen anyway. Please consider that the foot is a continuation of the clothing on your body and should have the same thought process that goes into making conscience fashion choices. If you are headed to throw a football with some buddies in the park, don’t think any further than a pair of athletic shoes. If you are headed to the office you will want to wear shoes that showcase your sense of style as well as the comfort quality you are striving for. A great choice would be Cole Haan shoes. This designer has taken the greatest trends and manufactured them with Nike Air Technology and the result is dynamic design and incredible comfort rolled into one. Kenneth Cole has a similar product with its 925 technology.

For me, bad shoes are an indication that a guy really doesn’t take pride in his appearance. Get some shoe polish, invest in a good repair guy and most importantly allow the shoes to be an extension of your appearance. Look at them as a great accessory like a belt, a watch or a tie. In no time, your feel will be the soul of a style all your own.


Feed My People's Lemay Thrift Store

Being socially conscience and looking great have never been so easy to do. With a vast array of second hand stores, consignment shops and thrift stores, you can really find contemporary fashions at unbelievably low prices and often times a great source of revenue from your purchases goes to these organizations who are helping so many in need.

The Thrift Stores at Feed My People, located in Lemay and in High Ridge offer a wide range of fashions for the well dressed man, along with clothing for the rest of the family. Often you can find hidden treasures and vintage apparel at both locations. Brands like Banana Republic, Gap and J. Crew can be found from time to time. I recently bought two Polo Ralph Lauren sweaters for $3.00 each. Hello? Deal of the century. Most often these stores run a season behind. These are already broken in, gently used items that still have a great life left in them and I know the money I spent will help their food pantries greatly.

The Goodwill location on Forest Park Parkway is another gem, Neatly organized racks of clothing make it easy to locate great finds like business suits, dress shirts and ties. Sportswear and casual clothing are in abundance and this is a great place to find workout clothing once we finally make a decision to start getting in shape.

The St. Vincent De Paul thrift store located at 14660 Manchester in Ballwin, among other locations, is another great source for finding previously loved clothes from a variety of designers and manufacturers. You will not only look good but also feel good about the way you are helping other with your purchase.

One of the newest additions to the second hand scene is Red Racks Thrift Store located at 8445 Gravois in Affton. Owned and operated by the Disabled American Veterans, you are sure to feel a little patriotism as you roam the aisles here.

You make a conscience effort to do some good in your community by shopping at these and other second hand stores. Make a difference by dressing the part.