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2012, You Bail Out Yet?

C’mon you know what we’re talking about…the New Year’s resolution!  We are now just a few weeks into 2012 and chances are you bailed on your resolution. Or you’re planning your escape by pre-arming yourself with excuses for the peanut gallery.

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The Approach For Confident Men

Gone in 60 Seconds, a quick One-Eighty.

So did that stunning beauty just leave your ass like a Shelby GT500? Was she “Gone in 60 Seconds”? Has Eleanor (aka the beautiful woman) slipped from your grips again?  Any solid driver knows you need a good 180 – a good 180 seconds, that is. Yes, we’re talking pure time here, fellas. It’s true; you only have about 3 minutes before a woman decides if she likes you or not.  And we are referring to the VERY FIRST interaction you have with her. This article will give you some basic Nuts n’ Bolts you’ll need to cover before she hits “Go Baby Go” and leaves you in the dust.


Over and over again I have watched men fail with women because they don’t understand the first key principles of “meeting women”.  The first principle is, understanding how important those first short one hundred and eight seconds are.

Let’s put the pedal to the metal and get right to it…

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Romney and Santorum Out Front?

Romney and Santorum out front? Not so fast.

As I watched the incoming results from the Iowa Caucuses last night from the comforts of my home I asked myself, “What are the Ron Paul people smoking, and where can I get a hold of some?”

Meghan McCain put it best on MSNBC this morning. She was sitting next to a younger guy on a flight that said he was voting Ron Paul. When she asked why, every point he made was wrong and misinformed. Now, I can’t debunk every point made because I wasn’t on the flight, obviously. But it does tend to silence some of this craze that he has drummed up over the last year.

Look, I get the frustration. Out-of-control spending, wars we can’t afford, record unemployment, European crisis, etc. What is the Paul response? Eliminate government altogether? If only we could use a test city for this sort of experiment. If you don’t like government, move to Somalia.


Now that we’ve addressed the crazy, anti-government people, we can talk about the real candidates. On one hand, you have a super-rich, pro-business, anti-labor Frankenstein – on the other, a bible-toting, anti-abortion do-nothing senator.

Mitt Romney has made MILLIONS on the backs of the poor, and has said nothing about a vision to get America back to prosperity. His answer? Get government out of everything. That seems to be the talking point of everybody on the right, and my fear is the Paul people will follow suit when their savior loses the nomination. This just begs the question: who made it possible to make money in America? Who set up the infrastructure to make such things possible? Did Google create the internet? Did Walmart pave the roads or lay the tracks to ship their goods on? The answer. No, they didn’t. Now hear me out, I’m not for government control of everything, but government plays a VERY important part in how business runs in this country.

Let’s address the issue of unemployment. Coming from a liberal standpoint, it pains me to say that people have become too comfortable collecting unemployment benefits. To be sure, it’s not entirely their fault. The climate to attain a job just isn’t there right now, and if you watch the news, it doesn’t look like it’s going to turn around anytime soon. What we need is an initiative towards education. The G.I. Bill worked, people! Here was the problem with it: you had to fight a waaking r to obtain it. I just can’t fathom an America where you wouldn’t want your fellow to have the same opportunities you did. I’m just tired of hearing the same old, “I worked my way through college and paid student loans” argument. Some people were careless, some people weren’t as fortunate, some people just couldn’t. If you’re okay with letting people fall off because they’re uneducated then stop whining when you have to pay for their unemployment benefits.

Now for the “Government is not the solution, it is the problem” crowd. When a company is in trouble, do you fix it or let it go bankrupt? When you were having a tough time in school, did you give up or try harder? It’s been one hell of a sell, and I’ll give the right their kudos when it comes to marketing. Look no further than the “Death Tax” label given to the Estate Tax.

Money has been the biggest problem in Washington since Washington even existed. This has nothing to do with government taking over, nothing to do with socialism, and everything to do with how you pay your legislators to create laws that increase your bottom line. The sooner the middle class wakes up and realizes this the better off we’ll be in the long run.

Dubstep Christmas House


Oh Canada

I’m not a fan of the weather, but this house in Montreal has to be the sickest house in Canada. Sotheby’s doesn’t give its square footage, but it does boast 9 bedrooms and 14 freakin bathrooms with a bachelor pool you can pack a dozen Victoria’s Secret models in. At $26 million dollars you can afford them, that’s for sure. Read more

MTI Unveils Z48 Corvette Boat

MTI has just released its new super boat: The Z48. At $1.7 million dollars you’re getting the best-of-the-best in terms of luxury sportsmanship in an offshore racer. This is a followup to their 2009 C6 Z06 model, and in all appearances looks to be close to the same in terms of looks. This boat, however, comes back with twin 350 turbocharged engines cranking out over 1350hp a piece. My only beef is the color. Who wants to scorch their nuts off under the sun in a black boat? Read more