Funny Snowman Prank

I Forgot How Hot Lindsey Vonn Is

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Holiday Fitness Plans

It’s December, and you’ve piled on all the Thanksgiving weight you possibly can. You’re trying to find any excuse possible not to stick to a weekly routine. I just happened to start my routine in the middle of November, so I’m in good shape, but I can’t say I was two months ago.

I decided to start lifting again as a result of being too skinny. Too skinny with a belly full of beer. I can’t tell you how embarrassing it is to be thin and have a stomach. Six pack? Yeah, 4 or 5 years ago. It will come back, but only after tons of running and exercise. I’m finding myself grateful to start my routine in the middle of November, because I no longer need an excuse for the New Year.

I stick with the basic workout that has worked for me for years: chest and triceps on Mon and Thur, back and biceps on Tue and Thur, and legs and shoulders on Wed. I’ve done this for years with GREAT success, so I plan on sticking with that routine at least until I get my size back. If it’s one thing I’ve learned is get it done early. I can tell you in the first few weeks I started, I looked for any reason to put it off, and then when the time came I was doing something else. Now I just knock it out early, so I can’t find a way to miss. Read more

Thursday Funnies

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Smokin’ Hot Gemma Merna

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