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Kegs vs. Cans at Your Party

keg-vs-bottlesThrowing a bash and wondering if a keg is worth it? You’re in luck, since MCM know’s the answer!

If money is not an issue, then getting a keg is totally worth it. Often people assume that a keg is cheaper in the long run, and if a keg is fully drained, it can be. However, the savings is realistically around 10 dollars. If any beer is left over at the end of the night, you are essentially eating that money.  The reality is most of the time, kegs are more expensive and slightly more hassle than buying cans at the store. Kegs do taste noticeably better however, and are often easier to store for guests. Remember to buy ice to keep the keg cold.

Cans on the other hand are often the cheaper choice. If you have room for an ice chest, cans are easy and hassle free, and don’t require a deposit. They don’t taste quite as good, and require the same, if not more ice to keep cold. In some states you can recycle the cans for money. California runs about 1.65 per pound, and many states have a flat rate of 5 to 10 cents per can returned.  Keep that in mind for a little after party bonus.

In the end, kegs are better tasting, but more hassle, and cans are easy and cheap. If you are unsure of how to operate a keg, you can always hire a professional bartender to oversee the drink flow. You’ll be glad you did.