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Ask Her: Public Sex

Dear Bailey,

My girlfriend has a kink that I’m uncomfortable with. She can only have an orgasm when she is on camera or when people are watching her. She also says when she masturbates, she pretends to have people watch her, and in the past has used a webcam so people could watch her. In all other ways she is amazing and normal.  What can I do?

-Anonymous, Southern California Read more

Business Buzz, with Dr. Julia James

Sexy business woman legs wearing heelsGreetings, I’m Dr. Julia James and I’m here to talk about all things business and technology in MCM’s newest column, Business Buzz.

Now that we’re into February, perhaps some of you are reevaluating your New Year’s resolutions and focusing on what your true goals are for 2013.  For many, this means aspirations of a new job or of moving up that corporate ladder.  The most common question I get is, How can I get a promotion?  This, of course, is a “loaded question”.  Sure, many of you may be thinking that all you need to do is brush-up your resume and start networking. Read more